Gravelbourg Mustard specializes in European style mustards and utilizes locally grown mustard seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Gravelbourg Mustard Canada Branded??


    Yes Gravelbourg Mustard is Canada Branded.  You will now see the Canada symbol on all our products indicating to our clients that Gravelbourg Mustard is a Canadian product.

  2. What health benefits does mustard have??


    Mustard is a respiratory aid, a digestive aid as well as it is low in calories.

  3. Where can I purchase Gravelbourg Mustard??


    Online or at a retailer closest to you. Check out our retailers provided on this website.

  4. Where is mustard grown??


    75-80% of mustard grown in Canada is grown in Saskatchewan.

Our Customers Speak Volumes

Jonathan Thauberger

Executive Chef
Crave Kitchen +Wine Bar

Gravelbourg Mustard has replaced dijon in all our kitchen applications! The French and German styles have a great balance of sweetness, acidity and spice that work well for vinaigrettes, crusts, marinades and rubs, while the flavoured mustards are a great addition to any sandwich or charcuterie plate. ”

Jonathan Staszczak

Executive Chef
Little Red Market Cafe- Mortlach, SK

“I absolutely love this mustard!  The local aspect combined with it's variety and unparalleled quality have convinced me to never use another brand of mustard.  I've used it on everything from rubs to marinades to vinaigrettes and it's been a perfect accompaniment to my cheese board....I'm very lucky and grateful for such wonderful people providing my restaurant with such a wonderful product.”